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The Peter G. Peterson Foundation established its Fiscal Internship Program in Washington DC, in the summer of 2010, with the goal of encouraging young interest and engagement in fiscal policy. The program pairs college and graduate students interested in the nation's economic future with leading public policy organizations working on fiscal issues. Participants in this program have the unique opportunity to:

  • Live and work for a summer in our nation's capital
  • Gain first-hand experience with leading organizations working on federal fiscal policy
  • Join a community of experts and students interested in budgetary and economic issues

Each intern works on research assignments related to federal fiscal policy issues under the direct supervision of a scholar at their host institution. Interns are matched with an internship based on their interests and will participate in the research and programming of the host organization. The institutions' work spans a variety of issues including healthcare, Social Security, economic policy, and tax policy, and a range of perspectives from progressive to conservative. This year’s hosts will include:

2013 Fiscal Interns

2012 Fiscal Interns


2011 Fiscal Interns



To further enrich the educational experience of the internship, all participants come together once a week for a seminar. Each seminar is arranged by a hosting institution and their intern, and is composed of a presentation by the hosting scholar, followed by discussion and a workshop where interns share their experiences and perspectives on one another's work.

Interns receive a $500 weekly stipend for the duration of the ten-week program. Each summer, interns visit the Peterson Foundation’s headquarters in New York City.

Program Requirements

If selected, each participating intern will be expected to:

  • Participate in all 10 weeks of the program, from June 2nd to August 8th, 2014
  • Participate in a weekly seminar on fiscal issues with other PGPF Fiscal Interns
  • Help plan and execute one of the weekly seminars at their host institution
  • Prepare a final report and review of their internship experience

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From Past Interns

“It’s a fantastic internship. It’s a great blend between meaningful work at your internship, ‘explainer seminars,’ and a call to action."
– 2012 Intern, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget


"This was basically my dream internship. I worked at an amazing place, got paid for my efforts, met fun people, and had a great summer... I couldn’t realistically have asked for anything more."
– 2012 Intern, Brookings Institution


“Both my think-tank internship and the PGPF activities were exemplary. I especially enjoyed the seminar series – it was a wonderful chance to interact with some of the leading minds in fiscal policy.”
– 2012 Intern, Economic Policy Institute


"It was an incredible experience that forced me to think seriously about these issues not only while working at the American Action Forum, but in our lunch seminars and even in Woodley Park as I was living with some very bright people who really care about our fiscal situation."
– 2012 Intern, American Action Forum


"TPC is a very small center, but everyone is brilliant and I’ve learned more about tax policy than I think I would ever have in a classroom setting."
– 2012 Intern, Tax Policy Center


"The internship gave me a good sense of how a small think tank operates and of its relationship to the political process, and I gained a lot of experience writing concisely and clearly about of-the-moment economics-related topics."
– 2013 Intern, Bipartisan Policy Center


"I found the seminars to be one of my favorite parts about the program. They allowed us to visit a number of prominent DC think-tanks and put us in contact with some very influential people in the policy-making world – and I was pleasantly surprised that they were very open and willing to talk and interact with us."
– 2013 Intern, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget


"The diversity of the group and the vast expertise brought by all participants really contributed to what I learned about American politics and economy."
– 2013 Intern, National Governors Association


"Overall, I felt that the internship afforded me an opportunity to make a real contribution to my program, which is both satisfying and very rare in the DC internship world."
– 2013 Intern, Center for Strategic and International Studies