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March 31, 2015

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation launched the Fiscal Confidence Index to help policymakers, members of the media, and other interested parties gauge public opinion on the national debt, and provide the public with an instrument to communicate their concerns or optimism to elected officials. The Fiscal Confidence Index will be released monthly, as Congress and the president continue working to address our long-term fiscal challenges.

The Fiscal Confidence Index is modeled after the Consumer Confidence Index and measures public opinion about the national debt by asking questions in three key areas:

  • CONCERN: Level of concern and views about the direction of the national debt.
  • PRIORITY: How high a priority addressing the debt should be for elected leaders.
  • EXPECTATIONS: Expectations about whether the debt situation will get better or worse in the next few years.

The individual scores in these three areas are averaged to produce the Fiscal Confidence Index value. For March 2015, the Fiscal Confidence Index value is 47 (100 is neutral), a sign that voters continue to be concerned about the country’s fiscal health, the direction of the problem, and the likelihood of progress in the future.

The Fiscal Confidence Index is an important indicator of the American public's views about our fiscal situation and the progress elected leaders are making in addressing our long-term debt. Check back monthly for updates.