The Peter G. Peterson Foundation convened a broad range of senior officials, policy-makers, elected leaders and experts to launch a national bipartisan dialogue on America’s fiscal challanges. The “2010 Fiscal Summit: America’s Challenge and A Way Forward,” held the day after the first meeting of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, brought together hundreds of prominent stakeholders from across the political spectrum with diverse ideas on how to address critical fiscal issues, while continuing to meet the priorities of the American people.


2010 Summary and Key Findings
2010 Survey of Economic Leaders Guide
The Financial Condition and Fiscal Outlook of the U.S. Government
Top Leaders Discuss Nation's Rising Deficits and Debt
An extraordinary group of leaders with diverse political views and backgrounds have come together today because they recognize the importance of addressing America’s long-term structural deficits
Highest Ranking Officials Foresee Crisis
Peter G. Peterson Foundation Survey of Economic Leaders from Past Eight Administrations and Congress Shows Bipartisan Agreement that U.S. Needs to Cut Spending and Raise Taxes to Avoid an Economic Crisis
Opening Remarks by Peter G. Peterson, Founder and Chairman
"At a time of multiple bailouts, one uncomfortable thought lingers in the back of our minds: Who’s going to bail out America if our policies continue to stumble down this unsustainable path?"
Closing Remarks by Hon. David M. Walker, Former President and CEO
“Importantly, there is strong agreement that there are no easy solutions and a range of tough choices will be required if we want our collective future to be better than our past”
2010 Fiscal Summit Participants
A complete list of the extraordinary group of leaders who participated in the 2010 Fiscal Summit
Media Coverage of the 2010 Fiscal Summit
Select Media Coverage of the 2010 Fiscal Summit
2010 Fiscal Summit Survey Presentation
2010 Fiscal Summit Survey Topline
2010 Fiscal Summit PGPF Chart Book
2010 Fiscal Summit Program
2010 Fiscal Summit Citizens Guide


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