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POLITICO Morning Money Breakfast Briefing with White House NEC Director Jeff Zients

Breakfast Briefing

Join PGPF and Ben White from POLITICO's Morning Money on Thursday, December 18 (tomorrow) at 8AM ET for a new Breakfast Briefing interview. White will be speaking with Jeff Zients, White House National Economic Council Director, for a discussion on economic policy and the Administration's economic agenda.

Visit PGPF's Breakfast Briefing page for more information and to watch the live webcast tomorrow morning, as well as archived video after the event. You can also follow their discussion on Twitter via @POLITICOEvents and tweet questions using hashtag #MorningMoney.



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Peterson Center on Healthcare: challenges and opportunities

At a total spend of nearly $3 trillion, the U.S. healthcare system costs over twice as much per capita compared to other developed economies. Yet health outcomes and patient results are typically no better for Americans.

The Peterson Center on Healthcare recognizes the challenges and opportunities in the sector, and is committed to finding innovative solutions that will transform American healthcare into a high performing system that provides higher quality care at a lower cost. Learn more about the Center and its mission here.



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Applications open for the PGPF Fiscal Internship Program

Applications are now being accepted for the annual PGPF Fiscal Internship Program in Washington, DC. This summer program will run from June 1, 2015 through August 7, 2015. Internship positions are paid and full-time. This internship is ideal for upper-level college and graduate students with:

  • An academic background in economics, political science, public policy, public administration, or a related field
  • A demonstrated interest in fiscal and economic policy
  • An open mind and willingness to engage with those who share different opinions and beliefs
  • A natural curiosity for learning new things
  • A desire to live and work independently in Washington D.C.

Public policy institutions participating in the 2015 Fiscal Internship program included Bipartisan Policy Center, Brookings Institution, Economic Policy Institute, Kaiser Family Foundation, and Urban Institute/Tax Policy Center.

Learn more about the Fiscal Internship program and click here to apply!



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PGPF analysis: Lame-Duck Deadlines & Long-Term Priorities

With several fiscal deadlines approaching over the next few months, can Capitol Hill take the necessary actions that would strengthen America's economy? A new analysis from PGPF, Lame-Duck Deadlines & Long-Term Priorities, outlines America's current economic and legislative landscape against the dynamics of a new incoming Congress. The analysis explores a few myths about America's fiscal condition, and concludes that a timely bipartisan plan that puts the long-term federal budget on a more sustainable path is the most desirable outcome.

Read the full analysis here.



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Peterson Center on Healthcare launches

Today, the Peterson Center on Healthcare, a new organization established by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, announced three major initiatives to advance the Center’s mission to transform U.S. healthcare into a high-performance system that delivers high-quality care at a lower cost. The Center’s first initiatives include collaborations with Stanford University’s Clinical Excellence Research Center, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and the National Quality Forum.

The Foundation has launched the Peterson Center on Healthcare with an initial commitment of $200 million. The Center finds and validates innovative healthcare solutions that improve quality of care and lower costs, and then works to accelerate their adoption on a national scale. The Center collaborates with stakeholders across the healthcare system and engages in grant-making, partnerships, and research. Additional partners, initiatives and grants will be announced in the coming months.

Foundation President and COO Michael A. Peterson on the Center's mission:

"Improving healthcare performance must be one of the nation’s most important priorities. Today, Americans are forced to endure a healthcare system that delivers health outcomes that are worse than many other nations, yet it is the most expensive in the world. This leaves our citizens in poorer health, reduces incomes, and threatens our future prosperity. We have established this new Center to help drive the adoption of innovations that will improve the quality of care and also lower costs. The research that we announced today proves that high-performance healthcare is not only possible, it already exists in parts of the U.S."

Learn more here and watch video of the Center's launch event here.



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3rd annual Up to Us campus competition doubles in size

For the third successive year, student teams have joined Up to Us, a unique nationwide campus competition that gives young leaders a voice on fiscal issues. Up to Us has doubled in size this year to 44 participating teams, demonstrating millennials’ increasing desire to take a more active role in determining the economic opportunities available to their generation.

In the first three years of the Up to Us competition, the size of the field has doubled each year, from 10 colleges competing in 2013, to 22 colleges in 2014, to this year’s 44 colleges, reflecting the growing breadth and diversity of the participants. Previous winners were teams from the University of Virginia (2013) and the University of Texas-Pan American (2014). In the 2014 competition, the teams collectively engaged approximately 19,000 of their peers and partnered with nearly 250 on-campus groups to bring the conversation on fiscal and economic issues to their college communities.

Learn more about Up to Us, which is sponsored by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation in partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) and Net Impact, here. Learn more about this year's competition, including the full list of 44 participating schools, here.



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December 2014 PGPF Chart Pack

PGPF has released its updated Chart Pack for December 2014, Selected Charts on the Long-Term Fiscal Challenges of the United States. Download the Pack in PDF format and visit the PGPF Charts Archive to browse all of the Foundation's originally-researched charts, graphs, and tables. (Feel free to use/reproduce, with attribution to "Peter G. Peterson Foundation" along with the hyperlink.)

The PGPF Chart Pack illustrates that budget-making involves many competing priorities, limited resources, and complex issues. In this set of 22 charts, the Foundation frames the financial condition and fiscal outlook of the U.S. government within a broad economic, political, and demographic context.

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Fiscal Confidence Index: November 2014 results

The latest Fiscal Confidence Index survey results for November 2014 have been released. This month's FCI Value is 44, a sign that Americans remain highly concerned about the country’s fiscal outlook.

Comments from Peterson Foundation President & COO Michael A. Peterson on the November FCI:

"As we look ahead to a new Congress, voters continue to call for an increased focus in Washington on the nation’s long-term fiscal and economic challenges. Voters are looking to their elected officials for leadership, and they understand that putting our fiscal house in order is vital to securing economic prosperity and growth, now and in the future."

See the full results for November, and read this month's press release which includes the survey questions and polling response breakdowns.



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POLITICO Morning Money Breakfast Briefing with Congressman Patrick McHenry

Breakfast Briefing

Join PGPF and Ben White of POLITICO's Morning Money on Wednesday, November 19 (tomorrow) at 8AM ET for a new Breakfast Briefing interview. White will be speaking with Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) on the intersection of Washington and Wall Street.

Visit PGPF's Breakfast Briefing page for more information and to watch the live webcast tomorrow morning, as well as archived video after the event. You can also follow their discussion on Twitter via @POLITICOEvents and tweet questions using hashtag #MorningMoney.



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National ad campaign: "More"

With the election over, the PGPF today announced a $1 million national ad campaign called "More", which will air on leading Sunday morning shows and cable news channels. The new campaign highlights the key opportunity lawmakers have to address our nation’s unsustainable long-term debt in order to help ensure more economic growth, now and in the future.

Watch the 30-second ad and read the press release, which includes comments from Foundation President & COO Michael A. Peterson.



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