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Fiscal Confidence Index: July 2015 results

PGPF has released the latest results from its Fiscal Confidence Index survey. The FCI Value for July 2015 is 47 (100 is neutral), indicating voters’ continuing desire to see policymakers in Washington address America’s fiscal challenges.

PGPF President & CEO Michael A. Peterson commented on the new FCI results:

"As election season begins, fiscal and economic issues will be a key part of the conversation between voters and candidates. Americans understand that our economy needs a more sustainable fiscal foundation, and they will be looking for leaders who have a plan to secure our nation’s fiscal and economic future."

See the full results for July, and read this month's press release which includes the survey questions and polling response breakdowns.



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2015 Social Security & Medicare Trustees Reports: charts and analysis

Yesterday the Board of Trustees for Social Security and Medicare released their annual reports on the current and future state of those programs. The Peterson Foundation has prepared analysis based on those reports, illustrating the key data points with pertinent chart information. Click here for the PGPF analyses, along with a statement from Foundation President & CEO Michael Peterson on the 2015 Trustee reports.




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Pete Peterson: CED 2015 Leadership Award

Recently, PGPF Founder and Chairman Pete Peterson was awarded the Committee for Economic Development’s 2015 Leadership Award, recognizing his years of service and contributions to CED. Click here for more information, including the video of his acceptance speech.



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Michael Peterson interview on PBS' "The Open Mind"

This past weekend's edition of PBS TV's "The Open Mind" welcomed PGPF President and CEO Michael A. Peterson for a half-hour interview. The episode, entitled "Beyond Debt," featured show host Alexander Heffner talking with Mr. Peterson about finding sustainable solutions to the long-term fiscal challenge of America's national debt.

A highlight of their conversation:

HEFFNER: So your goal now in terms of the public awareness is to demystify the issue, and has been. Let’s start with the first of those three areas you identified. Can deficit reform and your approach, can that co-exist with what we would like to preserve as a safety net for those older citizens... can those two things co-exist.

PETERSON: Absolutely... I would argue that if you don’t deal with this your safety net is in jeopardy. We all know that in a fiscal crisis things can happen to the budget. We can be in a situation where we have to make immediate cuts that are unintelligent, and I would argue that if we have a sound fiscal footing [we] wouldn’t do that. It’s when you have they have a debt crisis, and you may have an economic crisis that’s caused in part by the debt crisis, that you might have to do unfortunate things and therefore the safety net [would be] in jeopardy... I would say one example is the sequestration that occurred. This was all self-inflicted because we were dealing with brinksmanship in Washington and so forth and they put in place... remember the so-called Super Committee and all these measures and no one expected sequestration to happen but sequestration did happen and they slashed across the board and cut a lot of programs, but I don’t think anybody really would have cut it quite that way if we had had control of the budget in a more strategic sense. So I would argue that’s one example of where you have fiscal uncertainty causing cuts in programs that don’t make sense. So, I would argue anyone who cares about the safety net should be very focused on preserving it and making sure that we have a sound fiscal footing for the future.

Premiering in 1956, "The Open Mind" is a weekly public affairs program designed to elicit guests’ insights into the challenges Americans face in a variety of contemporary areas of national concern. Click here for the full "Beyond Debt" episode video and transcript.



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Pete Peterson op-ed on Greek crisis in USA Today

An op-ed by PGPF Founder and Chairman Pete Peterson is featured today in USA Today. The opinion piece, "America Can't Afford Greek Complacency," shares Pete's perspective on the fiscal challenges Greece is currently facing and the lessons America could learn from this crisis. An excerpt from the piece:

"While American debt can inflict pain on its citizens the same way that Greece's has, one critical comparative advantage we have is time. This time gives us a wider range of options to choose from, and to make decisions on our own terms. Because a major fiscal crisis is not right in front of us, we can implement reforms that are sensible, gradual and compassionate."

Read the op-ed in its entirety. For more of the Foundation's statements and press releases, click here.



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July 2015 PGPF Chart Pack

PGPF has released the July 2015 update for its Chart Pack, Selected Charts on the Long-Term Fiscal Challenges of the United States. Download the Pack in PDF format and visit the PGPF Charts Archive to browse all of the Foundation's originally-researched charts, graphs, and tables. (Feel free to use/reproduce, with attribution to "Peter G. Peterson Foundation" along with the hyperlink.)

The PGPF Chart Pack illustrates that budget-making involves many competing priorities, limited resources, and complex issues. In this set of 23 charts, the Foundation frames the financial condition and fiscal outlook of the U.S. government within a broad economic, political, and demographic context.

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Michael Peterson discusses fiscal on SiriusXM

Recently PGPF President and CEO Michael A. Peterson sat down with SiriusXM host Perri Peltz to discuss America's fiscal future. Listen to the interview below:

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Fiscal Confidence Index: June 2015 results

The latest Fiscal Confidence Index survey results for June 2015 have been released. This month's FCI Value is 46, indicating voters’ continued strong support for putting the nation on a sustainable fiscal path.

Comments from Peterson Foundation President & CEO Michael A. Peterson on June's FCI results:

"Voters continue to strongly support the need to address the nation’s long-term fiscal outlook, which will help ensure that we have the resources necessary to invest in our economic future. As the presidential election begins to take shape, voters recognize that getting our fiscal house in order is vital for the economy, and are calling for more focus from our leaders in Washington."

See the full results for June, and read this month's press release which includes the complete survey questions and polling response breakdowns.



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PGPF analysis: CBO 2015 Long-Term Budget Outlook

Yesterday the Congressional Budget Office released the 2015 Long-Term Budget Outlook, its annual report on the federal government's fiscal condition over the next 25 years. CBO projects that the federal debt could reach 175% of GDP by 2040.

The Peterson Foundation has prepared a new analysis, with charts breaking down CBO's findings. In addition, PGPF identifies the drivers of the growing national debt, and the economic/societal impact of not addressing the issue. Click here to read the analysis, and click here for PGPF's official statement on the LTBO from Foundation President and CEO Michael A. Peterson.

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2012-2014 PGPF Progress Report

Learn more about the Peter G. Peterson Foundation in our 2012-2014 Progress Report, which highlights our work over the past three years. The report provides a summary of our efforts, which includes engaging the public through education and awareness campaigns, convening experts and elected leaders at our Fiscal Summits and other events, providing support to leading research organizations to develop sustainable fiscal policies, and empowering citizens with independent analysis of federal fiscal policy.

Click here for the full Progress Report.


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